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Following are a handful of videos of some of the phenomena in the metaphysical arts which are suitable for a video.


Qi Gong


In a modern society in which nearly anything can be rendered on screen in a large budget movie, videos alone cannot constitute proof. Therefore, these are not intended to be, nor presented as, proof. They are merely a few demonstrations provided in response to frequent request. These videos are presented with honest intent, and to the best of our knowledge they are genuine demonstrations of the stated abilities.

See Faking Video.

Playing The Videos

The external videos on this page have been provided in firstly, the Matroska (MKV) container, which is both an open standard and by far the best container format available (Comparison of Container Formats), so far, all video has been encoded in the x264 codec, and audio in the Vorbis codec in the MKVs.

Secondly they have been provided in MPEG (MPG, MPEG-1 Video, MPEG Layer-1 Audio) format as well, for compatibility, which can be played on virtually any system without installing anything, even Windows 95 (if not, then at least Windows 98).

To play any media files found here, it is recommended that you use VLC (or Media Player Classic packs etc), VLC is cross-platform and does not need external codecs. (VLC)