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Tsumaru, stop going around being a first-class fool. I think people are over the original incident that I was unfortunate enough to have started, so don't be all immature about it and keep it going. The user pages aren't for anybody to just go and play around with. They are like, personal sacred spaces (within reason).

By the way, what did Kakkarot do? It was Crowley being his unofficial janitor-like self that moved your comment on sexyness to the talk page where it should be.

--Darkflame 05:07, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

I misread about Kakk, my bad. Fine then - I hate Crowley.

I also fail to see how you're pinning all this crap on me. As Talyn continues to put in remarks about Australia being a crap country and all Australians convicts who deserve to be mocked, I keep replacing it with the simple remark of 'Racism is not cool'. Why don't you go bitch at Talyn, hm? I also don't see what's so wrong about me adding that in to DarkDucks. Perhaps amongst your wikipedia nazi crap you might have noticed that DD put in a similar thing in mine, so I was just being nice and returning the favour. But once again, nobody is removing anything DD does.

Stop being arrogant mother fuckers. This is just complete stupidity. Amongst all your nazi-like behaviour, arrogance and hypocrisy, you fail to see what the whole (retarded) point of this was anyway. Sharing knowledge. Not acting like l33t hardc0rez because we can edit all the pages and write crap about people and *try* to get away with it. So before you start giving me all this bullshit, why dont you go and stop being the arrogant ass that you are first. We don't need nazis like yourself.