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For reasons left publically unexplained, Tsumaru is as of the present not currently an active part of the Veritas community.

Facts & Figures

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/10/1989
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Nationality: Australian; though with German, Austrian, English and other random European blood (including some measure of Czechoslovakian apparently) back in the line
Height: Approx 5'10" / 180cm
Weight: Approx 78kg / 172lb
Shoe Size: US 9, UK 8.5
Finger Length: Stubby =(
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Family: 4 older brothers, 2 parents of differing genders, 2 pet rabbits also of differing genders, 2 female dogs, and 2 male dogs in hearts and minds.
Preferred Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Preferred Movie Genre: Action-Comedy
Preferred Game Console: PC
Preferred Game Genre: I like most of them. RPG is probably the best though. Then FPS and RTS. Then sports and the rest. Fighting games are good on consoles though.
Music: Trance as of the start of 2008. Up until then, and still on occasion now, it was predominantly alt. rock with a variety of other stuff (Dragonforce and some other power metal; Matisyahu; classic rock etc) thrown in. Not so much of that anymore. Education: Graduated '07 from Balwyn High School; is currently attending La Trobe University for a Bachelor of Arts. Anything Else: Suggestions? See below for contact details.

Veritas Profile:;u=59
Email Address:
MSN Address:
AIM Screenname: SNTsumaru
ICQ & Yahoo: (I have accounts, but I never use them unless necessary)


Martial Arts

Ninjutsu - started January 2003. Currently a 5th Kyu, although has not engaged in training since 2005 due to personal reasons.

Tiger and Crane Kung Fu - his friend teaches him some stuff from time to time. Though his friend is a pretty crappy teacher and he doesn't pick up much at all.

Despite no current formal teaching, Tsumaru continues to train with friends. They semi-regularly meet up to have intensive sparring sessions to develop practical fighting abilities.

Energy work

Magic - an interest was sparked quite a few years ago (at least 2000, perhaps beforehand), and Tsumaru began looking for answers. He looked at a few Wiccan things, but due to the ritual and apparent religious implications fervently avoided such. He soon came into contact with the Library of Knowledge's Direct Magic system, but only established basic energy manipulation practice and very fundamental understanding. Eventually he found Veritas (see Chi Kung), and after a few years began to work with Prophecy's articles. In 2004 he was accepted for Prophecy's 04-05 Magick Class, and graduated as a Magic Alumni. Although his primary magical influences are Hermetic, he takes a very eclectic path and chooses not to limit himself to any single paradigm.

Chi Kung - his time at the Library of Knowledge (see Magic) first introduced him to energy practices, and he eventually found an interest in Chi. Quickly dismissing the concept of DBZers and RadKi (which was his first knowledge in the area), he eventually found Veritas via a friend. Through Darkduck's QiGong articles he began to establish an understanding of practical Chi Kung and it's applications. His understanding was further developed when Koujiryuu took a place at Veritas and posted his articles. Nowadays his interest is minor compared to Magic, but he sustains an interest in Chi Kung exercises and attempts to implement them into his practices as much as possible.

Psionics - his arrival at Veritas (see Chi Kung) resulted in a large flood of knowledge coming from many different sources. A friend of his began to take up the practice of Psionics, and due to at the time there being a lack of good information in other areas, he caught on as well. For some time he practiced Psionics as learnt from PsiPog and discussions in the Psionics forum, as well as practice with a group of friends who also took up the discipline. Over time it fell apart, however, and now his interest remains as that of merely understanding various arts as opposed to any intention to develop the skills.

User Notes

Anyone who wants to say shit about me, chuck it in here. I don't care what you put, as long as it's not racist or really bad. Aight? Go for it, then.

  • Darkduck: Might I add, that Tsumaru is incredibly sexay.