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Wheeeeee!!!! My own personal page. Hmm, guess I'd better say some stuff about myself.

Well I joined Veritas ages back, and stayed with it after all sorts of changes and incarnations until our great leaders finaly decided to stick with this place. Anyway joined up on this most recent incarnation in december 2003.

Being the Sofa King, I was the original Veritas Furniture (with my titles being Lord of the Cows and King of the Sofas). Likewise the VeriCows are my territory, with a few disciples who help spread cow teachings to the masses of veritas.

If you ever need to get ahold of me then its probably easier just to PM me here, since I always stop by during the week. Sometimes I'm in the chatroom, but it'll be easier to PM me.

Guess I'd better add the usual profile stuff too.

Age: 20

DOB: 02/05/86

Sex: Male.

Location: Newquay, Cornwall. Booyah, i live a couple minutes walk from the beach so guess where i'm gonna be during the summer.

Job: None currently, but I'm a searching. Currently a university student.

Area of study: I study Psionics, with the main focus on Empathy and Telepathic Suggestion (along with Empathic Projection). I also practice magick, in which I guess I'm a Chaos Mage, with a large focus on necromantic studies and norse runes.

I also write a bit, currently working on three stories simultaneously as ideas pop into my head. It'll probably be a few years before they resemble stories though. I kinda just jot down ideas and then attempt to key them together in a coherent fashion. One of the stories is coming along okay, but i'm stuck in the middle.

Similar to my writing aspirations i'm working on a comic strip. Its slowly coming along, groan-inducing pun by groan-inducing pun. Eventually i'll set it up on the internet for people to read.

I play a fair amount of video games although strangely enough i'll enjoy a good book now and then. I enjoy skating, in which my motto is "If make it home alive at the end of the day, it was a good day", due to my prediliction for going down steep hills at suicidal speeds combined with reckless driving skills of the local taxis.