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The Other Unofficial Wikitas Janitor (as opposed to Crowley)

As a registered user of Wikipedia I have some (although very little) experience of writing and editing wikipedia articles along with the guidelines and layouts. Remember the Wikipedian rule: Be BOLD, don't worry about making a mistake it can be fixed later, hopefully by someone more knowledgeble.

About me

As you all know I am totally awesome, so I'm sure you want to know all about my life. Born Saturday 9th of April, birth date is a 3, full name is a 9, Aries sun sign, Leo ascendant, Taurus MC, year of the Earth Dragon etc. etc. and soforth. Found out about magic when I typed it in google when "The Craft" was on TV. Came up with some extremely fluffy site, ended up in good hands, but ultimately "I am my own man, can you all say that? I was my own man, yea I was the sh*t" - The Whitlams, good old Aussie band, they got good then disappeared.

Broke my right collar bone in preschool by jumping off of one of those little plastic forts. Either because I was bored and jumped off or thought that I could fly, or both. (OMG, DBZER AT THE AGE OF 5!!!) Broke both bones in my wrist when I was 12 simply by falling over backwards and landing on it the wrong way. Had three pins in it, the scars could be of slight interest to religious conspiracy theorists: Two long scars down the sides of my wrist where two pins were taken out the side, three round scars at the top where they were put in. I still have the pins in a little jar somewhere in my room...

Um, I've hardly ever done a scrap of assigned homework, except if it was interesting. I used to continually whine in primary school about how it was too easy. I sorta gave up on school challenging me so I began to challenge myself through my own studies. I pwned the chemistry quiz for three years in a row (top 500) and I got invited to sit some Rio Tinto National Qualifying Exam for Chemistry. Got a credit in that, it must have been at least year 12 stuff, but I was somehow able to make some tiny sense of it. Moving town between yr 10 and 11 screwed me up a bit, but I still managed to scrape an OP 5 (I make that sound bad tongue ) without doing much homework. Just been accepted into a combined BEngineering/BScience with majors in Software Engineering and Physics.

I read the Lord of the Rings what seems like an age ago (long before the movies), I read harry potter, buy all of my music in CD form, buy all of my movies in DVD form, which is about 15 anime dvd's (currently hooked on GitS:SAC) so far along with two Enigma music video dvd's. My favourite Author would be Isobelle Carmody, band: Enigma, at the moment my favourite person in history is Kondo Isami. I am on the hate side of the "Da Vinci Code" fence.

umm, yea. That's me...



Currently a University student at the University of Southern Queensland. I'm in a combined degree BEngineering/BScience with majors in Software Engineering and Physics. Five year course, should keep me busy.

Martial Arts

About five years in Rhee Taekwondo, which I originally joined because I wanted to learn how to do a hadouken. I had a run in with two boards when I was a yellow belt, well, more like bounced off of them. The club started to run down as I approached black belt, but I only left because I moved to a different town. I was actually allowed to obtain my senior black belt a few years before the age 'limit' because I was reguarded to be mature enough.

I joined Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaijutsu Because of an article in the newspaper titled "nothing like the real thing" and it had a contact number. I had always been interested in doing some kind of weapon art, but there were none where I lived previously. I've been incredibly distracted from it, with the longest uninterrupted time about 6 months, but I'd say I've only really done about 10 months. I want to get back into it again, but I've been too slack recently.

Energy work

I'm a natural at working with energy but I have been officially praciticing since August 2002. I studied the "Pure Energy Psi" path created by Zeus of the Psi Palatium. Student of Prophecy's elemental magic class 2006/07.

Other interests involve eastern mysticism and magic, the most notable being Onmyodo.

Have Done list

  • Incited Tsumaru's undying wrath (which seems to have died)
  • Overhauled the magic category to include a ritual category, practically rewrote the LBRP page so it was easier to follow and understand.
  • Actually started something in the Pentagram page other than that rushed looking picture.
  • Started off the TCM by writing the section on elements and included some headings.