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Telepathy can be decribed as the transferral of ideas and thoughts from one person to another, without physical means. The word originates from the Greek tele (distance) and pathe (feeling) and was created by Frederic W.H. Myers, a paranormal investigator, poet and psychologist who founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. A year later, the American Society was created and telepathy became the first paranormal phenomenon to be scientifically studied.

J.B. Rhine started to investigate telepathy at the University of North Carolina. Ernesto Spinelli ran several succesful telepathic tests with children in the sixties. In 1932 and 1933 the Netherlands added two parapsychologists to their university's chairmen. Science is still beginning to explore telepathy in all its facets.

Dr. Deborah Delanoy, who is a researcher at the University of Edinburgh, believes telepathic ability can be found within all kinds of people, likening it to musical talent.

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