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From Israel Regardie's "The Golden Dawn":

  1. Touch your forehead and say ATEH (thou art): Visualize a white light shining from infinitely high above you, sending down a ray of light.
  2. Touch your breast and say MALKUTH (the Kingdom): Visualize your hand drawing the ray of light down through your body, so that it extends through you and into the ground.
  3. Touch your right shoulder and say VE-GEBURAH (and the Power): Visualise a ray of light originating from your shoulder (or from the infinite distance to the right.)
  4. Touch your left shouder and say VE-GEDULAH (and the Glory): Visualize the ray of light going through your body to your other shoulder (or into the infinite distance to your left.)
  5. Clasp your hands before you and say LE-OLAM (for ever)
  6. Point upwards and say AMEN