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Psychokinesis is the psionic ability to effect matter with the mind. This is a recently more popular synonym for the word "telekinesis." The word is often shorted to "pk."

Psychokinetic acts are often divided into two categories: Micro-pk and macro-pk. Micro-pk (which is often considered to be easier, at least as lesser events can be recorded) is psychokinetic action which effects a small or statistical process; a primary example of this is the ability to effect the output of RNG (Random Number Generator) machines. Macro-pk is the more popularly familiar ability to move objects with no apparent physical means.

Several other distinctions within the ability exist. In addition to regular psychokinesis, which effects the movement and position of objects, there exist the twin abilities of pyrokinesis and cryokinesis; these affect the temperature of objects, raising and lowering it, respectively. As such, obvious examples of these skills are the ability to light and extinguish a candleflame. There also exist some more speculative fields, such as electrokinesis (the ability to effect electrons and electrical phenomena) and biokinesis (the ability to influence living beings and life processes). Beyond this, there are a plethora of "-kinesis" skills (such as "aquakinesis," "geokinesis," "lunakinesis," and so on) which most psions consider to be meaningless divisions of psychokinesis; it is possible to move water with the mind, however, this is an aspect of psychokinesis and not a separate "aquakinesis."

Psychokinesis is often noted as, probably due to its theoretically dramatic effects, being one of the most popular psionic abilities. It takes considerable dedication and practice to learn, however, mostly on such training tools as the psiwheel, untill one gains the ability to influence and move larger objects.

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