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The ubiquitous psiwheel is a tool used for practicing psychokinesis. It is the most popular means of developing early psychokinetic skill because of the relative ease with which it can be moved with little force.

A psiwheel is simple to make and requires very basic materials. A small (approx. 2x2 inches) square of paper or aluminum foil is taken and folded in half horizontally, then unfolded and folded in half vertically. The resulting pointy shape is balanced on a pin or needle which stands upright (by some means, such as clay or a book) on a table; the paper should be able to easily spin in either direction. Many praciticioners put some form of clear cover (such as a glass bowl) over the psiwheel, in order to prevent it from being moved about by wind currents or similar disturbances (which, otherwise, it will more or less constantly be).

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