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If you're looking for books with information about psi, you can use this book list as a starting guide.

If you read a book from this book list and no one has summarized it yet, please add a one or two sentence summary of the book's topic on this page to the right of the book's listing. If you read a psi book of good quality which is not on this list, please add it with a summary.

Developing skills

  • Develop Your Psychic Skills, by Enid Hoffman (1981, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.)
  • Psychic Self Defence, by Dion Fortune (1930, 2001, Red Wheel/Weiser)
  • Remote Viewing Secrets, by Joseph McMoneagle (2000, Hampton Roads) - A description of intelligence-community research into psi, as well as descriptions of how to learn and practice the techniques developed during that research.


  • The Conscious Universe, by Dean Radin (1997, Harper Edge) - A thorough overview of the scientific evidence supporting psi and describing its properties, a careful analysis of the criticisms of that evidence, and a discussion of the social and philosophical issues involved with its acceptance.