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Psionics Communities

This website has both an active IRC Instant Chat/Channel(accessible from the website) and an active forums. Site also includes a getting-started guide, community events, a research section, and a media section with 40+ videos.

This website includes over 500 articles on both Psionics and Magick. This site also includes a link library, guides, a forums, and a chat. Active since 1997.

This website does not contain a forums, but has an IRC chat which holds weekly workshops every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 8PM. The chat is accessible from the website.

This site has a forums and an IRC chat. The site also includes a focused glossary, articles, classes and links.

This website is one of the older Psionics Sites. It includes an active forums and irc chat. It also includes an articles section. This website takes a different approach to psionics.

This website is a new site created by Jedikaren from Psiworld, and Apollo from Psipog and Psilinks. It has an active forums. Its eventual closing has been announced.

Psionics Articles

Includes 90+ articles on Psionics-related topics.

PsionicsOnline Articles (Articles are Separated into Sections):

Includes over 500 articles on Psionics and Magick topics.

One of the older resources. This site has a different philosophy regarding some abilities, and does include combat articles.

Contains a few articles about Psionics. Class logs are given more focus here.

Contains a good number of articles. Some articles are from Psiworld.

Contains articles on a variety of topics in blog format.

Contains a few psi articles with a science stance.

Contains an article about how to bend cutlery with Psionics.

Contains a few energy manipulation and energy construct articles by Miri.

Psi Games

An arcade for Psionic skills hosted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences(IONS).

A site with an arcade like structure for testing Psionic skills.

Psi Research

A non-profit research organization which sponsors research on human potential, consciousness, transpersional psychology, and psi studies.

This center was important to the development of Parapsychology as a field. The Rhine Research Center focuses on psi studies in a controlled setting.

Princeton's Research on psi-related phenomena using random number generators.

The first society created to conduct scholarly research on human experience using scientific models.

Focuses on Out-of-Body Experiences.