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The pentagram is a commonly known symbol within religious and metaphysical studies which has various meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

Some believe that the pentagram is inherently evil, some believe that this evil is only inherent in its inverted form while others recognise it as merely a symbol which may or may not represent something that may be classified as evil.

When in a religious context, many people associate the pentagram with either Satanism, sometimes including the image of Baphomet contained within a inverted pentagram, or Wicca, as a symbol of the mind over body.


The pentagram is used in hermeticism to represent the four elements plus spirit, one for each of the points. This symbol is used in what is regarded as a beginning ritual called the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram in order to invoke or banish certain elemental forces, which can be achieved by drawing the pentagram towards or away from the appropriate point in the proper direction.

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Eastern culture

The pentagram in eastern culture also represents five elements, but in a very different respect. Instead of representing elemental forces themselves, the eastern elements represent certain states in the life force, or chi. The pentagram itself represents the destructive or controlling cycle between these elements as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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