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The Order of the Golden Dawn was established in 1887. Although its members never dabbled in magick themselves, the Order was responsible for bringing many ancient rituals and books back to the public, establishing Modern Magick. Allegedly created by William Wynn Wescott when he found remnants of the original Golden Dawn, he contacted Anna Sprengel and together they established the Order in England. The purpose of the Order was 'controlling nature and the power of being'. The Order in its current state has members on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but the original fellowship only survived for twenty years, mostly because of power struggles within the organisation.

Aleister Crowley is said to have been a member of the Order at some point in his life. Several documents were published in his magazine Equinox and provided the foundations for the modern New Age movement. The poet W.B. Yeats was part of the Order, as was Arthur Edward Waite, who had a major influence on modern Tarot reading. It is said that early members of the organisation were strong supporters of geomancy.

A connection is often made between the Order and the Rosicrucians.