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The word Geisting is derived from the world "poltiergeist," German for "rumbling ghost," and refers to incidents where objects have been seen to move apparently of their own accord, among other disturbing phenomena, with no immediately apparent cause or intent. Reports of dishware flying around the room, doors and shutters waving around madly, and dressers lunging down starcases are apparently typical sorts of events observed. Traditionally, it was believed that these events were caused by marauding spirits (hence the name).

In the opinion of modern paranormal research, however, these events are actually due to emotional or otherwise psychologically stressed humans subconsciously exerting psychokinetic force upon their environment. As such, the phenomenon serves as a distinct example of some aspects of the nature of psi, particularly psychokinesis; that it doesn't require conscious effort, that it can be effected and amplified by psychological conditions, and that in some circumstances it can be quite powerful.

Minor incidents of giesting are often reported from practicing telekinetics, probably due to an enhanced awareness of the ability. These events are usually relatively minor, however, and have never been reported as causing a dangerous or threatening situation.