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This is a quick guide to how to use the Veritas chatroom.

Changing your name

To change your name to "NEWNAME", type:


Registering your name

Registering your name with the IRC server allows you to keep that name for IRC, and allows you to "ghost", which means to disconnect another connection that has that name by using your password.

To register your name, change to the name you want to register, and type:

/nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL


Ghosting allows you to disconnect another connection using your name (usually a dormant connection after your connection was dropped). Veritas staff can't disconnect a connection. They can only remove someone from the channel, which means the name is still in use. So to disconnect a connection, you have to ghost it. You must register a name before you can ghost it.

To ghost your name, type:

/nickserv ghost NAME PASSWORD

Getting more help

For a complete list of nickserv features, type: /nickserv help

For a complete list of chanserv features, type: /chanserv help

For the full set of SorceryNet help documents, click here.

And if you have any other questions, ask someone on the channel.