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In order to apply to become a mentor we ask that you please fill out the following application:

What is it that you would like to mentor?

What do you think qualifies you for this position?

What experience do you have in this/these field(s)?

Explain the potential ploy with the use of birds in a candy commercial.

Do you have any experience from similar position?

Do you feel you are able to work well with a team, and why?

If you were a bird, what type of bird would you be, and why?

Is there any other information you feel is relevant to taking on this
position and you would like to mention?

What do you feel does/would spiritually satisfy you.

Please post the application here.

Applications will be reviewed by any number of mentors and staff alike. If more clarification is necessary, you may be asked to attend an interview. Acceptance of mentors is by a majority vote. Upon applying you will be notified of more information as necessary.