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Veritas rules for the forums, the wiki, and IRC

  1. Show respect to others.
  2. Do not flood or spam the channel, forums, or wiki.
  3. Do not submit comments which are obscene, hateful, or threatening.
  4. Don't mimic a staff member's ID.
  5. Do not change your identity or ip to evade a ban.
  6. Respect the authority of Staff and Faculty.
  7. Use constructive criticism, rather than being abusive.
  8. Be respectful of other systems, styles, and approaches.

Dispute resolution

If edit wars emerge on the wiki page, the following is the dispute resolution process which will be policy here for resolving any edit wars or editorial conflicts. Please edit respectfully and judiciously so that this dispute resolution process is rarely needed.

  1. Consider the dispute topic carefully by the weight of the evidence.
    1. If one view has significantly more evidence, describe it as such.
    2. If both sides have comparable evidence, split the topic and describe both sides.
    3. If one view has significantly more evidence, but the other view is still of historical or popular importance, then split the topic and describe the less supported view as less supported or unsupported but still of historical importance or in popular use.
  2. Staff can intervene to enforce the above rules by announcing which approach of the above should be taken, and by carefully explaining their reasoning.
  3. If the staff decisions are not adhered to, editing priviledges can be revoked for a time.
  4. Moderators should defer to the decisions of Teachers for dispute resolution, particularly in their area of expertise.