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Frequently Asked Questions about Veritas:

When was Veritas founded? What you see now is the Veritas Society, the most recent installment of the Veritas community. However, it took some time to work up to what is now presented before you. Staff had to age, personal funds had to come into play, member quantity had to expand, teachers had to be trained, and an elongated process of trial and error had to complete itself (a process we are still very much a part of). We started with a brick, not even a cornerstone, and from there have created the full foundation which we now have. The community was first established in late 1999 by Silverdawn and Darkduck.

What are your main areas of study? The Veritas Society provides teachers and articles within and for the three major branches of the metaphysical arts: Eastern Mysticism (Chi), Psionics, and Magick. Alongside those three main categories also enters room for discussion about dream interpretation, spirituality, astral projection, and various other aspects of the occult not mentioned previously.

What is Veritas's organisational structure? The members make up the largest part of our Society. Some are very active, some only visit once in a while. We also have staff to deal with moderation matters, security and conflicts between members. They serve to maintain the peace in our Society and make sure chat sessions and forum threads don't get out of hand. The Veritas Teachers have no such obligation but are widely recognized as experts in their field of study, and often take on students, write articles or teach classes. The Veritas Council consists of the Society leaders, who decide on policy, promotions and other ruling matters.

I'm interested in learning from some of the experts. How does this work? For each of the three main categories, chi, psionics, and magick, certified teachers which have been hand-picked or trained right here at Veritas are provided for personal instruction on varying levels. These teachers, in conjunction with learned staff members and administrators, browse through their respective parts of the forums on a regular basis, answering questions posed by the regular members when possible. Apart from mainstream forum responses, these teachers also provide articles within their areas of study and expertise for regular public viewing. In addition to what can all be publicly read and seen, several personal students are taken on by the teachers every so often. Who gets to be taught directly, and ultimately trained to teacher status (or at least teaching level), is decided by a process of application, in which the aspiring members fill out an application to the head-instructor of their desired area of learning. These applications are then viewed and thoroughly examined until the teachers decide who shall be taken on. Once accepted, the aspiring students progress through a sequence of courses designed and presented by the corresponding Veritas Teacher.

How do I start learning? See How to start.