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The Veritas Egregore project was carried out in order to improve the state of the Veritas community. The general rules and purposes of the the egregore were set up as follows:

1. The Veritas egregore does not under any conditions harm, abuse, or feed off of any person, group, or community.

2. The Veritas egregore survives so long as the Veritas community has at least one active member or it is terminated.

3. The Veritas egregore can be destroyed by any person with the name and sigil via burning of the sigil while spelling the name backwards.

4. The Veritas egregore survives by feeding on the inherent energy put forth by active members in each post (i.e. the unconscious energy that is interwoven with the posts made in the forums).

5. The Veritas egregore can only be controlled and/or amended by the person(s) with the name and sigil (due consideration should be put forth as to how the amendment may affect the community).

6. The Veritas egregore does not solve specific problems, rather it stimulates the solving of specific problems through helping the community in general ways (simply put, "X person" bothering "Y person" on the forums cannot be helped by the egregore, nor can problems which do not affect the community as a whole).

7. The Veritas egregore supports only the Veritas community, i.e. the forums board, the main server and website, the public sponsored chatrooms of Veritas (which are here defined as: #VSociety, #VMeta, and #VPractice), and the Veritas member base.

8. The Veritas egregore can only be used for changes directly affecting the Veritas community as a whole and its ability to operate, not for other issues not related to Veritas.

9. The Veritas egregore only affects Veritasians, who are for intents and purposes of this project: people who are registered, active members of the Veritas forums.

Second set of purposes of the Veritas egregore:

10. The Veritas egregore promotes and stimulates the productivity of the Veritas forums and chat room according to the Veritas rules and the purposes of the Veritas society.

11. The Veritas egregore promotes the spread of information on the Veritas forums, public sponsored chat rooms (refer to #7), and main website and server. As well, it promotes the spread of intelligent and mature information, especially metaphysics, but also to an extent "lighter" conversation.

12. The Veritas egregore promotes general health for all Veritasians.

13. The Veritas egregore promotes the growth of the Veritas society in positive ways in the forums board, public sponsored chat rooms (refer to #7 once more) and main website and server.

14. The Veritas egregore aids in the metaphysical and occult studies of Veritasians. It also promotes study and practice of metaphysical and occult arts.

15. The Veritas egregore lessens the effect of negative influences to the Veritas community, be they intentional or unintentional by active members of the forums or otherwise (spam, breaking of rules, etc.).

16. The Veritas egregore supports the Veritas rules in accordance with the aforementioned rules. As well, the Veritas egregore also promotes the following of the Veritas rules by all members of Veritas.

17. The Veritas egregore promotes general order, maturity, and intelligence in the Veritas society, including the forums board, the above states sponsored chat rooms and the general website and server.