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The V-Library (Veritas Library) is an online collection of e-books by various authorities in the field of metaphysics and the occult. All the e-books are free for use and are public domain resources.

"The idea for this came to me when seeing the Bob Hendricks Memorial CM Library on OccultForums and after seeing the Sacred Magick website fall victim to bandwidth strangulation. I figured veritas could use a Library for each of its varied subjects. A post will be made in Psionics, Body Energy Arts, Magick and Spirituality after I find enough files to make a decent post. I would Like to Thank Bob Hendricks for his phenomenal Library and the inspiration to spread the information via this Index, God rest his Soul." - Adept

Many thanks go out to Adept for compiling the initial list of e-books and any other members not mentioned who helped to edit and organize the copious amounts of e-books.

Note: The e-books are alphabetized according to the last name of the author. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these, which can be found here. All files hosted on the Veritas servers are believed to be in the public domain, or to have permission granted for use here. If a file for which you own the copyright is hosted here, and you did not grant permission for its use in this manner, please notify the library maintenance team of the error hereand it will be corrected. You can use Ctrl + F to search the library page for specific words.



Abano, Peter de

Acharya, Pt. Shriram Sharma



Akshay, Regulagedda

Ambelain, Robert

Ankerberg, Dr. John


Bacon, Roger

Bailey, Alice

Bardon, Franz

Blavatsky, Mme. Helena Petrovna

Barrett, Francis

Caldwell, Sarah

Case, Paul Foster


Conybeare, F.C.

Cottle, A.S.

Cremonensis, Gerard

Christi, P.F

Cordey, Marcus

Crowley, Aleister

Dee, John

Denning & Phillips

Dudziak, Daria

Elmore, Gerald

Fell-Smith, Charlotte

Fossum, Jarl & Glazer, Brian

Fiske, John

Fortune, Dion

Frater Achad


Frater Akenu

Frater Alastor

Frater FP

Frater I.A

Frater, Tenebrous

Fratres Iehi Aour, Frater Perdurabo

Frazer, Sir James George

Fuller, J.F.C.

Gaster, M

Greenfield, Allen

Halloran, John A

Hawkins, Stephen

Heindel, Max

Hermes Trismegistus

Hine, Phil

Huson, Paul

Huxley, Aldous

Ingram, Rev. James

Jacob Behmen

Jerabek, Michael

Johnson, Charles William

Jones, Alexander

Joo, Laksman

Kaplan, Aryeh

Kirchweger, Anton Josef


Koot' Hoomi Lal Singh

Kramer, Heinrich & Sprenger, James

Kuhn, Alvin Boyd


Laitman, Rabbi Michael

Lang, Andrew

Leadbeater, C.W.

Leadbeater, C.W. And Besant, Annie

Leland, Charles G

Levi, Eliphas

Lovecraft, H. P

Lytton, Edward Bulwer

Mathiesen, Robert

Mahendranath, Shri Gurudev

Majerus, Michael

Malaclypse The Younger

Manis, Jim

Masseys, Gerald

Mathers, S.L. MacGregor

Mead, G.R.S.

Molinos, Dr. Michael

Murray, Margaret

Musashi, Miyamoto

Nettleton, Stuart

Nichols, Mike

Nicholson, Reynold A.

Opsopaus, John

Ottinger, Ken


Payne-Towler, Christine

Pernety, Antoine Joseph

Peterson, Robert


Purucker, G.

Randolph, Paschal beverly

Redgrove, Herbert Stanley

Regardie, Israel

Resh, Meshaf I

Rogers, R.W.

Rowe, Benjamin

Runyon, Carroll

Saint-Martin, Louis-Claude De

Sanctuary Of Ma'at

Sekhet, Sophia

Stirling, William

Saint John Of The Cross

Samuel Sharpe

Savitri, Devi

Schuchard, Martha Keith


Shah, Idres

Siren, Christopher

Sivananda, Sri Swami

Spare, Austin O.

Summer, Alex

Summers, Montague

Susej, Tsirk

The Brothers Grimm

The Equinox

Thorpe, Benjamin

Trithemius, Johannes

Turner, Robert


W. The Seer

Waite, A.E.

Westcott, W.Wynn

White, David Gordon

Wolf, Ole

Yogi Ramacharaka


Externally Hosted

For books hosted externally, and organized by category, check the E-book category.