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Koujiryuu was a Veritas Teacher at TheVeritasAcademy from early 2004 to 2005. He was assigned the task of instructing in Daoist Qigong and Yoga. He tried to focus the community and chatroom away from more frivolous matters and more toward learning, holding regular discussions, debates and classes in the chatroom. He practiced psionics with the members of the chatroom.

As of September 2012 Koujiryuu is again a Veritas Teacher.

Koujiryuu has written numerous articles here on Veritas:

Daoist Philosophy Primer

The Nature of True Intent

Scholar-Warrior: A Modern Daoist Lifestyle Approach

Auric Emanations: Seeing Them, Interpreting Them, and Two Different Theories About Them (w/ Prophecy)

Chi and Martial Arts Dictionary

"The Secret of the Golden Flower (Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi" 《太乙金華宗旨》)" with intepretations by Koujiryuu

Simplified Qigong for Beginners

Beginning Daoist Qigong

Intermediate Daoyin Qigong and Applications

Advanced Daoyin Qigong and Kundalini Yoga

A Treatise on Self-Hypnosis

Overview of the Different Energetic Traditions (w/ Prophecy and Solstice)

Middle Pillar Rite and Kundalini, chatlog of a lecture given by Kouji and Prophecy

I am willing to help anyone with Qigong and Daoist meditation, Psi, Yoga, Reiki, etc. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need advice. Ren Dao~