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I realise that Ki and Qi are the same thing, but perhaps a part on the cultural differences between the two could be added? For example I've heard that under the Chinese Qi, there is also Yi to lead it, but this concept of Yi does not exist under the Japanese paradigm of Ki.

Darkflame 01:44, 7 Aug 2005 (PDT)

There's also different paradigms in which qi is used, based upon the "field of study" that it's being described within. For instance, feng shui deals with all sorts of qi in the environment, how that qi flows, and how it affects the things it flows through or near. In TCM qi is just one form of energy which flows through a person, shen and another (which I don't remember at the moment) being two others. In various martial arts the focus on qi is developing it internally to do internal stuff first, and in some arts to eventually do external things as well (ie, dim mak).

The japanese ki seems just a catch-all term for a bunch of immaterial stuff.

~kakkarot 09:39, 8 Aug 2005 (PDT)