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The last sentence is the only thing I could "dispute" :)

The mechanic of memory is still a highly unknown area of study in brainwork. Scientists have taken out each portion of the brain individually out of various mice and all of the mice still retained memory, which lead those scientists to theorize that perhaps memory is "stored" by some sort of web of nueron firing throughout the brain or something (I read about it /once/, so I could easily be wrong on something). says something different

Emotions may be triggered by the brain, but physiologically speaking emotions are due to chemicals. (ok, so I've tried finding any links to back up this statement, and it seems noone is really clear on what causes emotions. I've read that emotions are "simply" chemical reactions within the human which cause certain changes in the brain and body to occur, but without other (credible) people to back that up I could be wrong.)

~kakkarot 09:59, 8 Aug 2005 (PDT)