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A secret society established by Christian Rosenkreuz in 1407. When Rosencreuz died in 1484, the order died out, only to be "reborn" in the early 17th century. The Society of Rosicrucians ("Rosenkreuzer") was most likely a number of isolated individuals who held certain views in common (which apparently was their only bond of union). There is no trace of a society holding meetings, or having officers. One of the aims of the Rosicrucians was to combine the various branches of Occultism into a synthetic whole - many members were alchemists, seeking for the invisible "spirit" in inorganic as well as organic matter.

The Rose Cross (the juxtapositioning of a cross and one or more roses) is now a well known occult symbol. It entered into Freemasonry where various ritual degrees derived their name and meaning from the Rosicrucian legend. At least eight occult orders currently functioning in the United States accept the name Rosicrucian and a version of the Rosicrucian legend as their history. The history of the original Rosicrucians is hard to trace, because many different versions exist.

Well known members of the original Rosicrucians were Raimundo Lulio, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Descartes, Paracelso and Beethoven. Historians believe there are ties with other well known organisations such as the Order of the Golden Dawn and the Freemasons.