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Psychic is a word for mental abilities such as psychokinesis and extra-sensory perception (ESP), or for people having such mental abilities. The word originates from the Greek word psykhikos, meaning "from the soul" or "from the mind". Such abilities may not be limited, as listed. Having the exact same implications as psionic, there does not seem to be any major distinction between the two; having either title is equally applicable.

There is essentially no specific criteria for being a psychic, other than having one or more abilities, reguardless of how frequent one might exercise them. Through television and Science Fiction, an ideology has been created conditioning some to believe that calling one's self a psychic is a badge rather than an inherent human quality. The truth of the matter is, that anyone can have psychic abilities, but usually the subtle difference in being psychic and simply having some ability, is the awareness and control of such talents.

"Professional psychics" are more or less no different than any other person with the same aptitude. At some places of employment, candidates for professional positions go through a processes of testing their abilities, which can allow them to earn a profit on the basis that they are "credible". Sometimes those with the title simply do divination, or a similer type of activity that allows them to receive some insight: this criteria alone done not nesesserily mean they have the abilities they might claim to have. Claims that using the Tarot and other forms of augury as being psychical are debatable, at best.

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