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Welcome. This article index is designed to guide you through your study of psi. Psi is the use of mental abilities to interact with the physical world without the use of the five senses or the physical body. It distinguishes itself from the other paradigms by taking a more focused and direct approach, and by a history in close conjunction with scientific studies in the field of parapsychology.

To begin your study in psi, you can read these articles in the order presented here. While you are reading, stop everytime you get to an exercise and practice that exercise until you are comfortable with it before continuing. Learning psi requires regular practice, rather than simply reading, and you need to practice beginning exercises in order to lay a foundation of understanding so that later material makes sense to you.

Beginning study

  • Focal Meditation - This article describes focal meditation and an exercise for practicing it. Focal meditation is an instrumental part of gaining reliable and consistent control over your psionic abilities, and is an excellent place to begin your study.
  • Introduction to Kinetics - This article describes kinetics, the art of causing physical change with psi, and presents a potent training technique using kinesis of a candle flame.

Fundamental Dynamic Psi Course

The following lessons are from a public course on Dynamic Psi.

Developing Skills

  • All Around Scanning - An overview of scanning, including discussion of linking, shields, energy bodies, and other aspects.
  • Binding Constructs to Objects - The theory and applications of binding psi constructs to physical objects, along with several methods for achieving this.
  • PsiLink - A php program for practicing both kinesis and precognition with conceptually separate images.
  • Telepathy Exercise - A simple freestyle telepathy exercise for the communication of personal experiences.
  • Construct Dynamics - An article on the creation of combinations of constructs for complex behaviors.

Playful Psychic, by Skywind

Reference and Resources

  • The True Nature of Psi - This article describes the scientific evidence which shows that psi is not electromagnetic or physical in nature, and presents an explanation which fits with the experimental and experiential evidence.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Psi - This FAQ covers the most commonly asked introductory questions, questions about the nature of psi, questions relating psi to other things, and questions about the practice of psi.
  • Ganzfeld Meditation Applet - An article introducing a Java applet for meditation which includes visual and auditory stimuli to help draw one into a meditative state.

Complete article list

For the complete set of Veritas Articles on psi, click here.