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The mentoring program was started to match people who are starting out (mentees) and looking for experienced people (mentors) in a specific path to help and guide them in their studies. The mentee will make an agreement with the mentor as to how they will communicate, and what discussions will be about. It's basically a system meant to match an experienced person with someone looking for a helping hand in their studies.

Mentoring Forums

  • To visit the forums specifically related to the program just click here: Mentoring Forums


All you have to do is post your application here. You will be notified as soon as a mentor for your subject is available, or we will try to give you an estimate of how long you will have to wait. Upon sending your request to a current mentor you will be notified as soon as time allows.

The following is the proper format for an application to become a mentoring student:

* Name (what you want to be called):
* Age:
* Time Zone:

1. What are you interested in studying at Veritas?

2. What are your other interests?

3. Why are you applying to the mentor program?

4. (Optional) Which mentor you would like. (Please note that this will not guarantee
you your preferred mentor, and some mentors are more selective than others.)

To see some of the subject areas which can be studied and some basics of studying, read this forum thread.

The veritas staff can recommend someone if asked but the preferred process is by posting an application here. or by sending a private message to a specific mentor of your own choice.

Mentor Bios

  • To see who the mentors are and what they mentor specifically please view this page: Mentor bios

Applying to become a mentor

  • If you are interested in becoming a mentor please view the following page for details: Becoming a mentor