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This page lists the biographies of all of the mentors.

Frozen (On hiatus)

Communicable Languages:

  • English
  • Espanol
  • Polski


Psionics - 4 years - Remote Viewing, Scanning, Telepathy

Martial Arts - 9 years - Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido

Tarot - 2 years (Co-hosting the Cartomancy Class. PM for details.)

Dreams and Interpretation

Offering Help In:

Scanning, Telepathy and Telepathic Suggestion, Tarot, Dreams, Meditation, Physical Fitness

Contact Information

  • AIM: StolenSolace
  • MSN:
  • Skype: Rosalie515
  • Yahoo:
  • Googletalk:
  • Veritas PM
  • Southern New Jersey


I'll be able to mentor psionics and magic. I'm pretty diverse with both, and can mentor basics and beyond of both.


  • Psi~ 4 years
  • Magic~ 3 1/2 years

Contact Information

  • AIM: unseenevl
  • Email:
  • Veritas PM



I have two and a quarter years of experence in psionics, a year and a quarter of elementalism(Step IV, going onto V in Initiation Into Hermetics). I also am learning new things all the time and I am willing to teach said things.

Offering Help In:


Psionics (Dynamic Psi)

Contact Information

  • vsociety on IRC (

Aim - TakeVS

Or email - (not the best way to reach me)


Mentoring the path of Summoning

I teach the methods of Direct Summoning. This kind of summmoning uses psi, telepathy and imagery and require no ritual preparations. Learn how to connect with celestial beings, elemental spirits, gods and goddeses, demons and the goetia, safely and without ritual tools. Ive been on the path of ritual magick and black magick for over 13 years. Also, I've studied mostly through reading and practice, I'm a self-taught magickan.

I have a website that I maintain, with many articles on magick and summoning. I came to Veritas in '05 after searching for a place where knowledge is important to those who are sincere.

Offering Help In:

Summoning, and Black magick.


  • Psi, telepathy, aura reading, aura manipulation, chakra reading, tarot and tarot magick, Ritual summoning, direct summoning, empathy, black magick(s) candle magick, crystals ect.. My goals for study this year are the Goetia and goetic (demonic)magick.

Contact Information

msn and Yahoo chat or Veritas Chat and forum PM

Big Boss (Currently on Hiatus)

Mentoring early beginning steps in Qigong, elemental magic, telepathy and telepathic suggestion. I also offer help in beginning to intermediate Runic Magic studies. My goal as a mentor is merely to give you a push in the direction you want to go and to add a little encouragement where you may need or want it.

Offering Help In:

  • Intuition development
  • Sensitivity development
  • Telepathic suggestion
  • Telepathy
  • Beginning Qigong
  • Beginning magic of varying methods
  • Intermediate help with Runic Magic

Contact Information