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If you're interested in magic and have no idea where to start, you can use this book list as a starting guide.

  • The Enochian Towers (Unknown)
  • The Heptameron(Peter De Abano)
  • Initiation into Hermetics(Franz Bardon)
  • A Treatise on Cosmic Fire(Dwual Khuul)
  • A Treatise on White Magic(Alice Bailey)
  • Psychic Self-Defense(Dion Fortune)
  • The Essential Skills of Magic(Benjamin Rowe) [Essay]
  • Transcendental Magic(Eliphas Levi)
  • The Three Books of Occult Philosophy(Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa)
           *Occult Philosophy Book I
           *Occult Philosophy Book II
           *Occult Philosophy Book III

Amazon is a good place to look for the above books. If you're short on cash, consider the following alternatives.