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This index consists of articles, lectures and essays concerning the field of occultism, both modern and traditional. An ancient practice which has proven itself has applicable to all times and eras, magic allows the student to overcome the apparent boundaries of the world, providing the illusion that something supernatural is occuring. In time the magician learns that there is nothing supernatural about his abilities: he simply knows the dynamics of perfectly natural laws which had remained hidden from him and the world. Laws which had remained occult.

Introduction to Magick

  • Introduction to Magick - An introductory article that provides an explanation of some of the core principles of occultism, with particular emphasis on the various "creeds" and "laws" throughout the many systems.
  • The First Steps - If you're interested in magick but don't quite know where or how to start, or perhaps if you've already familiarized yourself somewhat with the basics but don't know where to go from there, this article is for you.
  • The Path - The author attempts to provide a rough sketch of the trials and tribulations that begin to emerge as the aspirant advances in his path, allowing a word of caution to those who would desire to become true magicians.

Magic Theory

  • The Power of Words - Written so as to dispell the misconceptions created by the "Forcecraft" idea, this article details the actual nature of words as symbols, and provides certain methods for their proper use. A good read for any aspirant, particularly the one who is interested in the nature of so-called "magic tongues" and divine words.
  • Spell Creation - Some of the most efficient spells, especially during the developmental stages of the aspirant, are those crafted by the magician himself. This article details the dynamics of spell creation and provides a template for creating your own spells.
  • Six Governing Principles - As one advances in his studies, it becomes necessary that he understand the various principles which govern occult operations to one degree or another. These "Hermetic Laws" come from amongst the oldest records that have been passed down to the occultist, and if studied can open a new avenue of applications in magic.
  • The Mechanism of Magic - Many speculators hold the misconception that magic somehow works in directly physical manifestation. In other words, that if the magician desires money he magically makes it appear before him on a table, or that if he wishes for rain he instantly brews dark clouds above himself. This article attempts to dispell that belief by reviewing the function of probability in magic.

Magic Practice

  • Daily Magic Practices - Provides a daily practice routine for the aspiring novice that has been designed specifically for quick but efficient magical development.
  • Middle Pillar Rite - A rough overview of Regardie's favorite "Middle Pillar Rite"; a western ritual which meets kundalini with a common aim. Taken from the chatlog of a lecture given in the Veritas chatroom.

Subject-Specific Articles

  • Treatise in Elemental Magic - A 50+ page treatise detailing the many facets of elemental magic that have hitherto either been scattered throughout many cryptic alchemical and hermetic writings, or have simply not been brought into mainstream viewing. Provides both extensive theory and practice for the devoted student.
  • The Elemental Hierarchies - A template of the elemental hierarchies put together from various Hermetic, Qaballistic and Enochian sources. It is a useful tool for the elementalist who is interested in spirit work.
  • Runic Magic - An overview of the methodologies of runemal and the uses of the runes. Explains the function of the Oral Galdr and how to use it to charge bindrunes.
  • Enchantment From the Inside-Out - An excellent overview of the enchantment process, providing both the theory and practice required for the aspirant to begin his own practice of the art.
  • An Examination of Prophecy - Examines the nature of the biblical "gift of prophecy" that prophets both modern and ancient were renowned for. Considers the two sides to the controversial question: "Do prophets foresee events, or do they create them?"

Occult Warfare

  • Concerning Magical Warfare - A brief examination of the nature of magical warfare, on what grounds it takes place, and how it is usually operated.
  • Metaphysical Defense - A more in-depth view of magical warfare, detailing both the mechanisms of assault and defense, as well as providing methods for defense employed by various religious and spiritual systems.


  • Self Mastery - Literally a template for obtaining the ideal state of mind and presence that maximizes magical proficiency. The ideals in this article are taken from many, many spiritual and religious paradigms, and borrows heavily from The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, explaining a deal of his exercises.

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