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This page provides an elementary explanation of geometric symbols and their use in general magic. Most geometric symbols have the same occult virtues as their numerical equivalent (the octogram has eight sides, symbolizing the number 8).

The Triangle

Corresponding Color: Black

Corresponding Planet: Saturn

Odor: Myrrh

Sephirah: Binah

The Triangle has the occult virtue of limitation. Therefore, the use should be clear when it comes to evocation, as the triangle can be used to bind spirits within a controlled environment. The limiting qualities, when brought out by the will of the magician, are able to limit and bind.


The Square

Color: Blue

Planet: Jupiter

Odor: Cedar

Sephirah: Chesed

The square, being principally associated with the planet Jupiter, shares the occult virtues with it. The square symbolizes a walled structure, or a castle. This explains the association with rulership, majesty, society, and other such Jupiterean qualities. The square also symbolizes the four elements working in harmony, and tetrapolarity in general.

The Pentagram

Color: Red

Planet: Mars

Odor: Pepper

Sephirah: Geburah

The pentagram symbolizes the human anatomy and form. it corresponds to the strength of the human soul over the four elements. It also symbolizes the human hand. It also corresponds to the four elements plus the fifth, the Akasha, or spirit, considered to be a principle and the origin of all elements, and therefore all existence.

The Hexagram

Color: Yellow

Planet: Sun

Odor: Frankincense

Sephirah: Tiphareth

The Hexegram symbolizes equilibrium; it possesses the sublime occult virtue of balance. The two triangles balance each other out and reveal the universal law of duality: All things that enter into existence must do so with their opposite. The trained magician may quickly see how a talisman made for healing into the shape of a Hexagram will produce more effective results.

The Septagram

Color: Green

Planet: Venus

Odor: Benzoin

Sephirah: Netzach

The Septagram symbolizes nature and the number 7. A close examination of nature shows that the number 7 appears many times in many different ways. As one example, the ancient planetary order contained 7 planets including the Sun. The mystical quality of the number 7 appearing in nature is principally what creates the "luckiness" often experienced with this number. The number 7 also symbolizes divinity, though it is not as perfect as the purity of the number 8.

A talisman constructed for luckiness with 7 sides would be conducive to the end result.

The Octagram

Color: Orange

Planet: Mercury

Odor: Sandalwood

Sephirah: Hod

The Octagram symbolizes systems, and also perfection in its greatest form (the number 8 ). The representation of all systems, knowledge, and mysteries is inherent in the octagram from the perfection of the number 8. Also, stability is a virtue of the octagram via the number 8. I would personally suggest more research, as there is much more occult benefit to knowing the numerology of the number 8.

The Enneagram

Color: Violet

Planet: Moon

Odor: Camphor

Sephirah: Yesod

The number 9 is associated with emotions, the 9 muses of ancient Greece being a prime example. The enneagram is also connected to the moon, and so can be practically used for rituals or spells related to the Moon. it should be noted that undeer the right circumstances, the moon can be quite a supplement to magical ability and result, especially at certian lunar cycles. Meditation on the enneagram with the intent of findong the occult virtue will allow you to know more regarding when and how to use it.