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(This page is due for a major overhaul, to meet academic standards, and will eventually provide videos of faked metaphysical effects)

Metaphysical video material should be taken under suspicion, as in todays day and age the art of hollywood cinema magic can be brought to your typical home computer (you don't need an especially powerful computer, especially since typically the longest video will only for a few minutes), a slow computer will achieve the same results, albeit take longer to produce them, it's all in the software, and the source video material.

MiniDV and HDV cameras are all the more common, have become cheap, and can produce broadcast and above quality video, a lot of metaphysical subject video we see, has been shot with a web cam, or a 8mm tape camera (Hi8, Digital8, etc), sometimes it's a little out of focus, a bit grainy, scratchy or warped.

These destructive artifacts, make it harder to see clearly if something is being faked in front of a camera, or if it has a good chance of being real, however these destructive artifacts can be difficult to reproduce for someone trying to introduce something new into a video, something thats been entirely digitally created (which therefore is perfectly clean without noise, grain, and not out of focus), which puts it out of reach for the common user, though it's not impossible and can be done with those experienced with a combination of 2D imaging, and compositing/post and 3D modeling software.

A lot of faked video could have been made with a makeshift matte (like a blue or green screen, or any other colour) many people that know the basics to this concept aren't at a professional level, you can look for blue (or other colour) fringing around the edge of different objects (as well as soft edges to objects).