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The Body Energy Arts (BEA) overlap an individual's etheric power and spiritual self with the body, including Qi Gong (also called "Chi Kung"), Ki, Yoga, Reiki, etc.


Miscellaneous Topics

  • Mantra Meditation - KiwiKid's rendition of mantric meditation, complete with mantras and practice.
  • Auric Emanations - A treatise on auric fields, complete with methods on seeing and interpreting them.
  • The Nature of True Intent - An explanatory article about forming correct intent, and the power of delusion.
  • Chi and Martial Arts dictionary - A complete guide to terms used in Chi and Martial arts.
  • Reflexology - Reflexology is a technique of diagnosing and treating problems in the body by massaging certain parts of the body.
  • Swordplay and Energy - A transcription of an IRC class session on swordplay and energy manipulation by Defender and Darkduck.
  • Qing Gong - Fireblade's training methods for Qing Gong, or "light skill", a martial training method to make one light on their feet.
  • Yoga - ChezNips' introductory article on Yoga.
  • Daoist Philosophy Primer - Serves as an introduction to philosophical Daoism (Taoism).
  • Care of the Physical Body - Discusses taking care of the physical body when pursuing an ascetic lifestyle.
  • Huna: A Background and Overview - Discusses the art of Huna.

For a complete list of Veritas Articles on the body energy arts, click here.