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A term coming from the greek word αγγελος, angelos, the word actually means only "messenger" and can be used to refer to beings who deliver messages from the gods or of ordinary humans who deliver messages from other humans.

In earlier times the term was hijacked due to christian mythology and in a religious sense is used to refer to a race of beings created by Jehovah to serve him in any way he chooses. This view of an "angelic race" comes from the hebrew of the old testament which predates the entire greek language so it's quite obvious that it was later translators who perpetuated certain myths regarding angels by purposefully mistranslating the old testament in order to keep certain terms similar to those of the new testament, likely as an attempt to form a single unified doctrine for the masses to easily digest.

In more modern times the term has been hijacked by random individuals and by the new age movement to refer to a variety of different things, most notably a guardian spirit or guardian angel, a spirit guide, and any non-physical being which does good deeds for the benefit of a human or for humanity in general.